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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone system that allows customers to navigate menus over Voice.

Whether for inbound or outbound IVR, pre-recorded messages and text-to-speech features allow customers to avoid speaking with an agent and still get the information they need via self-service.

With keypad selection or voice recognition, customers can choose IVR menu options and have their call directed to the information, department or individual they are looking for.

Bilingual Voice Messages​

Professional voice messages in both
Arabic and English to cater to a diverse customer base.

Customized Greeting Messages

Tailored greetings that reflect
your brand identity and provide a personalized customer experience.

Call Routing and Menu Options

Efficiently direct calls to the
appropriate department or representative, reducing wait times and i
mproving customer satisfaction.

Automated Information Services

Allow customers to access
information such as account details, business hours, and more without the need for live assistance.

Increased satisfaction

Self-serve IVR enables customers to navigate call menus without having to interact with an agent or get routed to the wrong department. Increase customer loyalty by reducing call queue wait times and offering better overall call center efficiency.

Real-time feedback

Collect immediate feedback and valuable data from customers through IVR. Whether over a keypad menu or voice message, customers can rate their satisfaction and give you genuine insights into their experience with your brand.

Amplify Voice messages

Customers can easily leave messages over IVR which can be recorded over our flexible Voice API. Make it easy to store and reference customer Voice messages when needed and elevate your Voice message service.

Inbound calls

Guide your customers when they reach out to you and offer them a fast and convenient journey through IVR.

Accurately direct calls

Send customers along the right path by allowing them to navigate a call menu through IVR. Customers can choose which options best suit their needs and can quickly find the information or individual they are looking for.

Offer better support

Lessen the workload of call centers by offering self-service options on IVR. High-volume, low-value inquiries can be resolved through an automized menu, leaving agents to deal with more complex queries.

Automate interactions

Ensure your first interaction with customers meets their expectations by building various automized IVR call scenarios that lead them to faster resolution and less time spent explaining their needs to multiple agents.

Outbound calls

With event-triggered automation, you can reach out to customers on Voice and offer IVR menus to guide them in a variety of situations.

Delivery notices

Save your couriers time by avoiding pickup calls. With outbound IVR you can ask a customer to confirm the pick up location and time through automized Voice services.

Collect feedback

After a customer has used your service, reach out over Voice and ask for their feeback through an IVR menu. Simplify data collection by converting their feedback from speech to text or collecting data through keypad selection.

Validate identity

When changes have been made to a customer profile, or if you need to reach a customer about an important issue, have them validate their identity through IVR and save agents the extra workload.

Elevate self-service with dynamic IVR

Improve customer experiences by building dynamic IVR menus. Offer customers personalized and convenient IVR menus that help them navigate information that is relevant to them.
IVR scenarios do not have to be pre-defined. Use valuable customer data from Infobip’s People CDP, or integrate your back-end system’s data through API calls from within your IVR to build scenarios that speed up resolution time and offer a more tailored experience.
With the help of Calls API, you can take your IVR services to the next level.

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business With our Fantastic IVR Services.